BVS Releases the Squid

Squid Cell Tower Tester

on July 7, 2011  

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M2M technology is still ahead of us in terms of complete installation into our communities and nation. But companies and businesses are making an effort to push the technology because of its potential for efficiency and financial and power conservation. Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS), the leading manufacturer and distributor of advanced wireless solutions and security products to the domestic and international wireless telecommunications industry has released the Squid M2M 3G Cell Tower Tester. This is a handheld receiver that will expedite the 3G modem installation process.

The Squid provides users with a real time display of local 3G carriers’ base stations and their RSSI. Carrier networks and the type of 3G band can also be identified by the Squid, and this provides installers with the proper information when deciding on key installation sites and optimal antenna placement. The Squid also helps them decide upon the best mobile carrier for their site which makes the process far more convenient because now installers don’t have to juggle between several different cell providers to guesstimate which is the best for M2M. A Squid also provides data for UMTS, CDMA, GSM, and GPRS networks. The clear and crisp OLED display, USB port, GPS receiver for time-stamped, geo-located measurements all make it easy to pick the best carrier at a given location when using the Squid. This M2M enabling device can easily be used in order to facilitate Smart Grid technology as well because M2M technology is used entirely in Smart Grid processes. In order to locate an adequate M2M location to use for Smart Grid technology the Squid can be used easily. For more information, see the new M2M Cellular Modem Installations white paper.

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